About Us

About Us

Owner Kunz & Sally Ann

Our puppies are born and raised in our home and are very well socialized by the time they go to their new families between 8 & 12 weeks of age.
We have grand-kids that live close by who are always eager to hug, love and play with our doxie youngsters.

About our Beagle
There are no aggressive, grumpy Beagle . All are friendly, socialized, and enjoy people.
Our mamma’s are very pleased to show off their babies. Strangers can reach into any of our whelping boxes and not fear getting even a growl from the dam.

Most of our adult Dachshunds do live outdoors in large, clean, well maintained kennel runs. As you walk through the kennel you will see that all come eagerly up to the gates with tails wagging and “smiles” on their faces.

About Us:
We are Patrick & Salis Greville. We are retired and managing a large boarding kennel. Now we can devote all of our time to our Beagle.

We have been breeding and showing since 1995 and have bred and/or owned over 20 champion Beagle down through the years.
So we have lots of experience and knowledge! We are very lucky that we are able to keep something from each of our breeding so we know how we are doing as we strive to improve our breed with each new generation.

About UsWe are members of the Beagle Club of America, National Miniature Beagle Club, The Beagle Fanciers of Central Virginia, Western States Miniature Beagle Club, and the Mt. Palomar Kennel Club.

Our Beagle are entered in well over 50 AKC events each year.
We show our own dogs and also have professional dog show handlers exhibit our mini doxies at the shows we cannot attend.

We have done test breedings to prove or disprove theories. We have done “color” breedings and have proven working knowledge of colors and patterns. We have presented programs at club meetings and events to share our knowledge about genetics, breeding, whelping, training, etc.

If you want more information, please contact Salis Greville, ((804) 234-4476 E-mail: info@royaldoxies.com.

Please contact us to see what puppies, teens, show prospects, adults or rescues are currently available. We don’t post photos of these on our web pages because we want to talk to each prospective owner personally before selling a puppy or placing an older dog.

Contact us if you have questions or need Beagle information, or just want to chat.