Buy Beagle Puppies Online USA

Our Breeding Goal

Healthy, strong, robust dogs who like to live in a family association and give their owner a lot of joy. The contact with our puppy buyers is very important to me, on the one hand, to help them, on the other hand, to follow the good development of our beloved four-legged friends.
Our breeding dogs are all tested for inheritable beagle diseases!

Puppy rearing

Mother and puppies are housed in the puppy living room in our house, not in a stable with straw or anything else, and enjoy our 24-hour service. So I am always on hand to take care of the mother and the puppies as best as possible, even at night! I stand by my new “puppy parents” at any time with advice and action, because I feel responsible for my bred dogs for a lifetime.

The return of the puppy or dog for whatever reason is also contractually regulated with me. The accommodation of the dog during a vacation is not a problem, provided the personal situation allows it at the time. I am always happy when I can see the small, big ones again.

The puppies are vaccinated in the 8th week of life and have been dewormed regularly from the 2nd week of life. They were examined by a veterinarian at the time of delivery and checked by the responsible breeding nurse for anatomical errors. Our little ones are trusting and are not afraid. The puppies know the garden, any toys, driving, fields, and forest. invest a lot of time, attention, and love to prepare the little ones for life in the big wide world in the best possible way.